[Changes] Haruka Nanase x Reader

[Changes] Haruka Nanase x Reader

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Karina By tftcherry Updated Jun 21


What is the reason for his cold exterior?

"Haru, you've changed a lot..."

"People change. You have changed too. To the point I don't remember you either."

Being neighbours during Childhood, he would try and act like a big brother, caring for you and protecting you.

"Why are you so different now?! What made you this way Haruka?"

"You did. That's what."

The characters belong to the original creators of Free! The story was typed o a whim but nothing is truly original (eg car accidents or what not) so I can't truly say it belongs to me either? Haha take it however you wish to interprete it.

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Me- I open the gate of the hottest clean freak on earth; Levi Heichou!
Psycho_Pack Psycho_Pack Jul 08
...I still don't know the reproduction system, and schools not teaching this too us unless in three years time we decide to do something with biology...I'm 12 turning 13 in October
OmoYoongz OmoYoongz May 16
Haru dont you dare corrupt my innnocence
                              Cuz my friend already did XD
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Saddening that I have no innocence. •Shakes my head• Nope! Its full of nonsense up in this head of mine!
.......why......WHY.....WHY SO YOU TEASE ME LIKE THAT!?!?!?!?