The Adventures on Lust island (Futa)(Cancelled)

The Adventures on Lust island (Futa)(Cancelled)

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StixzAwesome By StixzAwesome Updated Jan 28, 2016

The crew finds themselves on a new, exciting island with many adventures looming around every corner. Follow Robin and Nami on their hilarious and frisky journey all across the island and join them as they uncover its darkest secrets. Will the evil beneath the surface prove too much for them, or will they come out triumphant? (Futa/Yuri) Chapter 1 has been re-written. 2&3 is next

This story is a continuation of "Curiosity killed the cat, or did it?" and I strongly recommend that you read it before starting on this one. If you just want to read this one then here's a short summary of the story so far:

Robin and Chopper developed a new rumble ball specifically for Robin's Devil fruit. The first batch of balls was a failure, but resulted in some very interesting and frisky situations. After many trials and errors, Chopper was finally successful and managed to create a new set of balls. Once consumed, Robin gained much greater control of her powers and the ability to create new types of limbs. The previous story ends where this story begins and the Strawhats find themselves upon a new island, full of mysteries and adventures!

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