Boarding school?! What ever! (ON HOLD) not edited

Boarding school?! What ever! (ON HOLD) not edited

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Diana By GoodGirlGoesBad Updated Oct 13, 2013

Miley Gates lives a normal life with a little or make it bigger secret. Call it what ever you want. But she shares it with only 3 other people. Her life as Bill Gates daughter isn't always as easy as it seems. The hell it's something no one ever wishes to have a life like that... When she has to go to a boarding school in London, away from her all loved dad and 2 bffs. She starts all over again! Thinking about it maybe she becomes her old self again. Someone she never thought she'd be! Then she gets kidnapped by Jason McCann and her world is up side down!! Will it help her or will she be lost? For one you should know. She knows how to drive Jason let the story give a try pls! I know I suck at summaries so! :D enjoy :)

btw pls be a little patient..the beginning is a lil slow but it's needed! Jason will appear in Chapter 5! :D I would be happy about comments and votes! Maybe improvements or suggestions? :)
xoxo love ya all! Thanks


GoodGirlGoesBad GoodGirlGoesBad Jun 27, 2013
@smilerdirection123 thank u so much!! means a lot that u read my story and like it! I'm soon gonna update. Maybe already today! :) I really love ur idea. We'll see if they have a boxing match! Thanks xoxo
smilerdirection123 smilerdirection123 Jun 26, 2013
I love this story so much! I hope miley kicks his ass and shows him who's boss. Maybe miley and Jason should have a boxing match and whoever wins gets to control the other person for the entire day. Just an idea. Can't wait til u update! Xoxo