Falling For A Gang Leader

Falling For A Gang Leader

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Alex was a simple girl with a life that a lot of people wish they had. She has a decent amount of friends, rich parents and just in some people's eyes, the perfect life. But no one has it perfect. Not even Alex, and that's why she holds on to her secrets. But it all changes the night she meets Jupiter. No, not the planet. One of the most dangerous Criminals in all of San Fransisco and a gang leader of a very dangerous gang. 

She witnesses Jupiter doing something that she wished she would have never witnessed because she doesn't realize that it is gonna change her life FOREVER. She's been told over and over to stay far away from Jupiter but something draws her closer to him. He's different with her, she just might change him or maybe she'll destroy him. 

It could be the fact that she wants to be the one he opens up to. She wants to learn more about Jupiter. Will she get him to open up, will they be more than friends. But what she doesn't know is that Jupiter wants to know more about her. Figure out the secrets she holds. So will they both have success and figuring things out, or will it all come crashing down. Read "Falling For A Gang Leader" to find out!!

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The truth will set you free but first it will piss you off..... Anybody know this song cuz I forgot the other words
Rylee_pup Rylee_pup Nov 04
So you support Rachel going for him but Jessica could do better
hunti12 hunti12 Jul 08
I WANNA GET DRUNK WHEN I'M OLD ENOUGH JUST FOR THAT REASON but the hangover forget it never mind nope nope nope stay away from alcohol
hunti12 hunti12 Jul 08
I want to know the worst one...
                              only me ok
hunti12 hunti12 Jul 08
First time my brother got drunk:
                              I'm not drunk
                              I'm not drunk
                              I'm not drunk
                              i swear to drunk i no god
                              I'm not drunk
                              I'm not drunk
                              I SWEAR TO DRUNK I KNOW GOD
                              I NO DRUNK
                              I NO DRUNK 
                              *looks at clock and yells* I AM NO SRUNK
                              *passes out*
                              he was not allowed to go to a pub/bar again
That's something I would've done I know I know it's gross 🤣🤣🤣🤣😍