Keeping Up With the Hale Pack | Pack Mom Stiles |

Keeping Up With the Hale Pack | Pack Mom Stiles |

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Moon Child By BrendenOBrien4 Completed

Inspiration from the amazing story 'The New and Improved Hale Pack'

Season 1:
After an attack on the Stilinski Family, Stiles is the only one left. Until Derek revealed to him that they are mates, and Stiles becomes his Luna. The rest of the pack goes from calling them Stiles and Derek to Mom and Dad. When a opposing pack rolls into town when Stiles is pregnant they do something unforgiving, they attack Liam and Liam-nap him. Read to see how everything runs out. 

Season 2a:
After Jade is born the pack decides to go on a vacation camping in Tennessee, Melissa is overly excited to babysit Jade so Stiles can relax and bond with his mate and the pups. The pack is taking a vacation away from Beacon Hills... But the supernatural isn't taking a vacation away from them. What will they bring home from vacation?

Season 2b:
After the camping trip the pack grows closer with each other as a pack, they especially grow closer with their mates. As the days pass from being back from the camping trip they can't help but think, "It's not over..."

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