The not so Innocent Black Butler x Reader x ?????

The not so Innocent Black Butler x Reader x ?????

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Otaku__Fan210 By Otaku__Fan210 Updated Dec 13, 2016

(Y/n)(L/n) is just your normal noble................WRONG!

She's more than than normal she's the queen's fang. Nobody knows why she was the queen's fang only she , her butler and the queen knows.

will Ciel , Sebastian , Alois and Claude break the secret of the (L/n) family? and what would happend to poor (Y/n) if they know her little secret?

read to find out!

This is not really my first time writing a story the others came out lame. please don't hate.

its_dat_girl_911 its_dat_girl_911 Sep 04, 2016
saradesign4fun saradesign4fun Dec 08, 2016
All the butlers in the BB fanfics that are ours are named Andrew or Alexander
supermarioglitchy7 supermarioglitchy7 Jun 22, 2016
Imma change the dress cuz i don't really like those kind of dresses
IAirPlaneI IAirPlaneI Aug 19, 2016
What confuses me is why people comment there description on there Y/n vision...
Taste_Like_Rainbows Taste_Like_Rainbows Aug 21, 2016
Long brown narual caramel hair with died ombre tips and a crimson red ring that looks like blood.....
                              what Im thinking about vampires right now
                              dont judge me
AyanoOsuOtaku AyanoOsuOtaku Aug 10, 2016
OTAKU FAN ,OTAKU FAN!  WHAT DOES the question marks mean on the title