The not so Innocent Black Butler x Reader x ?????

The not so Innocent Black Butler x Reader x ?????

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Otaku__Fan210 By Otaku__Fan210 Updated Nov 05

(Y/n)(L/n) is just your normal noble................WRONG!

She's more than than normal she's the queen's fang. Nobody knows why she was called the queen's fang only she , her butler and the queen knows.

will Ciel , Sebastian , Alois and Claude break the secret of the (L/n) family? and what would happend to poor (Y/n) if they know her little secret?

read to find out!

This is not really my first time writing a story the others came out lame. please don't hate.

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  • ciel
  • claude
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me: *reading fanfiction in room*
                              Me: *reads the words 'Andrew Kirkland'*
                              Me: *screams*
                              Family: *rushes up to room*
                              Family: Are you ok? What's wrong? Did you hurt yoursel-
                              Me: this is normal.
In the hood we call home the 'undy taker' if you know what  I mean!
"Andrew Kirkland" "..Kirkland" "KIRKLAND" hmm it seems England has switched anime's..
Pfft I'm a sack of potatoes thrown into a trash can, what are you doing with your life
When I first saw the name of Kirkland I think about Iggy-Senpai/England
Black. Like my heartless blackhole in my chest.(´-﹏-`;)