Craving His Collar

Craving His Collar

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Darling By Mistress_Of_The_Seas Updated Nov 02, 2017

"Look at me when I speak to you, Adam."
I scolded. 
His hands twitched to cover his arousal and I watch as his hung head slowly lifted. His blue eyes peeked up at me from below his eyelashes. Blue, nervous eyes locked with my brown eyes and he whispered. 
"I'm... s..sorry."
I grinned to myself. Why can't he admit that he is submissive? His body proves it, his mind thinks it, all I need is for his mouth to say it. He must call me "Mistress". If he doesn't then I can not keep toying with him. He has to accept.
I glare at him, locking my eyes with his.
"You're forgetting something, Adam." I prompted. He swallowed nervously shoving his hands more against his growing arousal. He trembled keeping eye contact with me. He whimpered and spoke.
"I'm... I'm sorry M-


May included harsh sexual themes and profanity

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AlessaOttomani AlessaOttomani Jul 29, 2017
Nothing's wrong with you, honey. You just starting to awaken your domme side 😁
maryolivia_xx maryolivia_xx Aug 01, 2017
Great now I'm gonna picture him as Niall Horan 🤦🏾‍♀️
hardrockerhippie hardrockerhippie Jul 30, 2016
Oh of course you are. Never seen such a submissive person before^^