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The Unity

The Unity

2.9K Reads 82 Votes 9 Part Story
Stefa By 14eacquaviva Updated Oct 28, 2010

The world is going  to end and the prophecies of Unity have stated that one girl is going to be chosen to stop the end of the world from occuring. That one girl is me, Serena. Robert and Clarrisa are twins that are part of a race called the Harren. Robert knows that when the time is right he will have to let go of Serena and let her follow her destiny. But neither can be separated. They are bonded in a deeper sense, even more then love.
 But how will the world end?
 After centuries of the mistreatment of the Earth, the powerful forces of the elements have tried to rise up against the human race, and plan to destroy it. Out of all the races the vampires are the only ones that want to  let the elements do what they can. They also have their own agenda and plan. The vampires know that with the almost extinction of the witches they might succeed  in taking over.
 Will the mission that Serena takes be enough to save the human race? What if they fail?
And  what happens if they do...

AuroraBorealis AuroraBorealis Feb 20, 2011
Whoa, this is really amazing... you're a really good writer :D
                              check out "15 Years Later" if you want :)
BlondFangs BlondFangs Oct 20, 2010
                              It was only the Nia bit that confused me. The rest made perfect sense :) 
14eacquaviva 14eacquaviva Oct 19, 2010
@BlondFangs Yeah Serena has this secret wish of being called Nia it's more of her fav name then s nickname but Robert thinks apparently that it is a nickname tell me what you did not understand so that I can fix it thank you so much for your comment :D
BlondFangs BlondFangs Oct 19, 2010
I luv this and am defo going to move onto the next chapter! But could you clear something up for me? Is Nia Serena? Because that last bit was unclear and I feel a little confussed. Xoxo
14eacquaviva 14eacquaviva Oct 11, 2010
@amc_kb1 Omg we've known each other since we were five and since I'm fourteen that means that I can't be married(mrs) haha ;)! Ur the best :)
amc_kb1 amc_kb1 Oct 11, 2010
this is sooo good u HAVE to finish. u have true writing talent mrs. acquaviva/person i have never met before