The Badboys broken girl

The Badboys broken girl

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Mrs. Barry Allen By reena_loves Updated a day ago

Isabella Storar seems like your average nerdy girl but if you look past that nerdy exterior you will find a little girl on the verge of breaking. With a father that makes her 3 year old  sister watch as he beats her and the abandonment of her mother, isabella doesnt know how she will stay strong for her little sister. 

Aiden Moore is the new kid. Also known as the badboy with tattoos all up his arms and piercings on his face. He drinks, he smokes, he parties and he is a street fighter. 

Will the two cross paths, will love spark or ,will they carry on with their lives like nothing happened

I'm starting to understand how you are going to lay put your story. I really like the idea of having both protagonists have their own perspectives in the same circumstances if that makes any sense. I like where this is going and I'm sure I am really going to enjoy reading this book.
fivesoslife fivesoslife Aug 04
I like the storyline and idea behind it but its very difficult to read if you dont have paragraph breaks
BinaPriebe BinaPriebe Aug 03
I really like the story line and your idea but I think you should write the chapters in paragraphs. It makes it a lot easier to follow the text. Also if you put what a character is saying on a separate line, that too is very helpful.
its amazing!! but i think u should put it in paragraphs instead of one big thing...