Driving me Insane (Jeff the killer x Neko reader)

Driving me Insane (Jeff the killer x Neko reader)

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IM A CRINGE BOX By different_and_nerdy Updated Aug 03, 2015

        Jeffs POV

       My friend (Y/n) is gone because my dad got this job and thought we should live a "fancy" life. "Jeff! Liu! Come downstairs!" I heard my mom say. I walk downstairs to see a woman and a kid. "These are my sons Jeff and Liu." She said pointing to us. "I'm Barbara and this is my son Billy." Barbara said. The boy ran off. "We were wondering if you would like to come to Billys birthday party?" Before me and Liu could object my mom said,"Of course!"

       Barbara and Billy left then I said,"Mom do I have to go I'm not a kid anymore." She looks at me with a glare. "Yes Jeff you do." I clinched my fists together knowing once she said it, it's final. I walk upstairs and sit on my bed.

     At the bust stop

     Me and Liu wait at the bus stop then a kid on a skate board jumps over out laps. "Check out the new meat." A kid said. Two more wheeled up. "Well since your new here over there is Keith." He said referring to the skinny kid. "He's Troy." He said referring to ...

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Fun fact : Jeff's human name before he whent insane was Jeffery.
This Chase dude needs to STFU before I hit Jim with a bag of rice and shove a frying pan up his ass
Manikiichan Manikiichan May 15
Climbing through your window pane, 
                              I'm creeping closer, 
                              Can you hear me?
                              Go on, mock me, say I'm insane; 
                              But it's you who's caught in my game.
                              Cat and mouse, 
                              A lovely circle.
                              Watch your tongue, 
                              Those words are hurtful.
                              Hush now, won't you stay a while?
                              Join me with a painted smile.
Manikiichan Manikiichan May 15
Kai303 Kai303 Feb 08
Ha I have the most powerful thin in the world on my side: luck and sass 😏
Rivaiolii Rivaiolii Jul 31, 2016
WTF?! If I was dating a dude like Chase, and he ordered me to do his stuff and not get his fat ass up I'm brutally killing him.