Atelophobia [Raphael x Reader]

Atelophobia [Raphael x Reader]

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[This is a Raphael x Depressed!Reader]

Not only does (Y/N) have to deal with a demanding step-father who spends her hard earned money in his useless poker games, or deal with a bunch of bullies at school, she also has to deal with Foot Clan soldiers watching her every move. 

As if that isn't enough, she has some overprotective friends who don't exactly know what privacy is. 

And one of them doesn't like having her out of his sight.

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SoulRaider116 SoulRaider116 3 days ago
It always gets worse when you say, "It can't get worse." Those are the magic words to MAKE it get worse!
SoulRaider116 SoulRaider116 3 days ago
He's in on it...somehow got the Foot to take me out so he could use the insurance money to pay off gambling debts. 😲
                              I'm commenting as I read...if this is even close to right...
On every other TMNT fanfic, I imagine the movie. For some reason now I’m imagining the series
SoulRaider116 SoulRaider116 3 days ago
I like inserts better in third's less likely for authors to run into pronoun and tense confusion issues that way. 
                              First person perspectives are okay, they just work best for characters that aren't reader-inserts in my experience (as a reader).
Kawaiii_Cat Kawaiii_Cat Dec 29, 2017
For a second i thought it said okay, don't freak out. You can freak out
natcoop22 natcoop22 Dec 18, 2017
“He’s just like a teddy bear, if teddy bears were violent.”