Atelophobia [Raphael x Reader]

Atelophobia [Raphael x Reader]

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[This is a Raphael x Depressed!Reader]

Not only does (Y/N) have to deal with a demanding step-father who spends her hard earned money in his useless poker games, or deal with a bunch of bullies at school, she also has to deal with Foot Clan soldiers watching her every move. 

As if that isn't enough, she has some overprotective friends who don't exactly know what privacy is. 

And one of them doesn't like having her out of his sight.

Hm, go with giant green turtle man thing or wait for men in black to return?
A wild Donnie has appeared i us scream at the top of my is super affective😋
Uh, let me guess. He's dead? Eh, he wasn't all that great anyways ...
MusicaBlack MusicaBlack Oct 12
Nope. He most likely will NOT be okay. 
                              Seriously? Have you never watched a movie/read a book?
IRL I would actually be talking non-stop asking them the most random of questions
akmiller24 akmiller24 Aug 14
                              GET MEDUSA'S HEAD OUT OF THE FRIGDE AGAIN!!!