Atelophobia [Raphael x Reader]

Atelophobia [Raphael x Reader]

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[This is a Raphael x Depressed!Reader]

Not only does (Y/N) have to deal with a demanding step-father who spends her hard earned money in his useless poker games, or deal with a bunch of bullies at school, she also has to deal with Foot Clan soldiers watching her every move. 

As if that isn't enough, she has some overprotective friends who don't exactly know what privacy is. 

And one of them doesn't like having her out of his sight.

* pulls out a death note * Ok Raph what's your last name.....oh right it's bitćh
stellar_xx stellar_xx Sep 11
I wouldn't say that even if he forced me with a gun... -_- Just kidding!
leogirl40 leogirl40 Jun 08
Aww, I could have been more tougher than that. Like at least be able to defend myself against the purple dragons or even the foot. But still, I'm okay with this.😒😋
This is me and my sister all the damn time although I'm usually the one saying this 😂😂😭😭
LRDShadow LRDShadow Aug 31
Well I mean yeah but I think leo at some moments and mickey at others
Mickey: i mean its ok if u dont talk. Not that ik ppl who dont talk but-*gets cut off from me shoving pizza in his mouth* MDSJEBDVDJRBRGRBDHEE!!!
                              Me: hehehe