Kalopsia ⊰ The Avengers

Kalopsia ⊰ The Avengers

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Tai By taileilei Updated Apr 28

During the second world war Steve Rogers and the Howling Commandos took down the infamous Hydra. Destroying every remnant of the evil organization. But as the saying goes- cut off one head, two more grow back. 

And that's exactly what happened. However one of the regrown heads split off and created their own branch of Hydra. And this branch has a secret weapon. They call her Atë.

Atë possess a special ability, one that is very dangerous when handled incorrectly. Keeping her under lock and key Atë never gets the chance to experience the world. She doesn't know who to trust, she's always being used by someone, and someone always wants something. 

But when a team claiming to be earth's mightiest heroes shows up- 

Can she trust them?  

A condition wherein things appear more beautiful than they are

Starts after CA:TWS- undecided 

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OXLeviXo OXLeviXo Apr 25, 2016
Is her name Layla by any chance? You put the name in the cast
ismellfearonyou ismellfearonyou Jul 13, 2016
Hooray, a not horrible beginning for once (although technically it's a horrible beginning for the character, lol). Still your generic info dump though. So much info takes up so much of my time and there are a thousand more fics to sort through.
Mari_Mikaelson Mari_Mikaelson Feb 13, 2016
Is it pronounced like 8? I just don't wanna get her name wrong... I'm sorry XD
Midnightdevil101 Midnightdevil101 May 26, 2016
I am instantly calling her the Heimdall of Midgard or Earth's Heimdall
- - Aug 17, 2015
I love how mysterious her name is and she's so interesting - this is slowly becoming my favourite fan fiction and it's like the second part!! :o
tomhoeland tomhoeland Jul 15, 2015
Really excited for this one two, all of your stories are amazing!