Balance. | zourry

Balance. | zourry

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"Cuddled between the two men was more than Harry could ever ask for,"

| AU. A fluffy/smutty Zourry short story.           
                    Harry centric. |

           [ Threesome: BOY X BOY X BOY  ]

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I feel like I'm in a movie theater and this is the part where they say a line you hear in all the trailers 😆
I haven't ate at all yet and reading this has me sksksks ugh
wow thanks for the label of this now I know the proper word!
frustratedwriter666 frustratedwriter666 Feb 24, 2016
Yep. I found Zourry but Louis was the bottom! So this will going to be fun!
fallingcalum fallingcalum Dec 31, 2015
Subspace: when the submissive is in aware of the risks of the sense and are usually quite "out of it"
liquoricelarry liquoricelarry Nov 05, 2015
But can some one explain NSFW, coitus, spitroasting, sub space, come play, belly bulging, and after care pls