Games of Deception (Hawkeye/Avengers)

Games of Deception (Hawkeye/Avengers)

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Two people with two very different missions cross paths. One, an assassin hell-bent on attaining revenge for the murders of the two people who meant the most to her, and the life she was forced to live as a result. The other, a top agent for S.H.I.E.L.D. that has been assigned to gather intel on said assassin, which would eventually lead to her containment and possible manipulation, or even execution.   

The two soon learn, however, that things don't always go entirely as planned. As one discovers new hidden abilities and attempts to utilize them while beginning to crack under pressure of her next attack, the other falls into a battle with himself about priorities and the feelings neither one of them can deny. 

When war is declared on Earth by an unforeseen threat, decisions will be made that will change the course of not only their own lives, but the fate of the entire world.

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ElvenDiscoBall ElvenDiscoBall May 07, 2016
Aww such a cute story to tell kids how their parents met lol but really good tho
sociopath-avenger sociopath-avenger Apr 24, 2013
@BeingAwesome97 Thanks for the feedback, and I especially thank you for pointing out the spacing issue. I think that happened in some places when I pasted the text on here, and I hadn't picked them all up haha :)
snowballsierra snowballsierra Apr 15, 2013
The first chapter was really good :) The only suggestion I have is maybe change the transition for her dream to reality, it seemed a little choppy and left me kinda confused for a few seconds. Other than that it was great!
RikkuRapture RikkuRapture Apr 06, 2013
The first paragraph is a bit too long, there's a few grammatical and spelling errors that can be easily fixed. I really like the description but you might want to add a bit more.
sociopath-avenger sociopath-avenger Apr 05, 2013
@giki18 I will fix that ASAP, thank you for your critique :) @DustCities Wow, thanks so much!
sociopath-avenger sociopath-avenger Apr 03, 2013
@Funnyfia2 Wow, thank you! Glad you like it :) 
                              @BringMeTheFood @Pineapplebuddy  @TheGirlFromNeverland Thanks for your critiques, much appreciated!