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"Come out, come out, wherever you are, dear," a voice called out into the dark streets of Northern Wood. The night was cold and dark. The streets were bare of any human life except for the two of them. A person couldn't even see past their hands if they tried. The street lights did very little to illuminate the streets properly. And for him, this was the perfect night to end a life.  The only sound that could be heard was the howling of the wind and the hushed whispers of a frightened young woman. 

Taking light steps, the unknown figure walked towards his suspecting victim. Quickly turning the corner to the alleyway, he noticed her trying to climb the rusty gate.

Her dirty blonde locks were damp and tangled, while her blue sun dress was wet and torn at the bottom. Under the rip in her dress, her leg had a large gash going up her thigh. Blood dripped down her leg heavily. Her attempts were futile as she tried to climb over the wet fence. Her brown boots slipping, unable to get a...

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judesriver judesriver Aug 21, 2015
It sounds very interesting and creepy so far. I'm intrigued right now! Please update ❤️
I understand that she wants to work for herself and that is how she is accustom living but sometimes when someone tries to have at least try to accept it just for once