Scolding Your Heart | ✔

Scolding Your Heart | ✔

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Virgo ♍️ By softpale- Completed

Valerie Hudson is a 'nerd', a bookworm and a serious Skittle addict. Like seriously, she needs help. Her mind is messy, and her thoughts flow freely. But when she's with Zed, her head seems that one bit clearer.

Zed Vinto is a killer, a liar, and a cheat. But that all seems to fade away when it comes to Valerie, he loves her. End of. He'd do anything for her. And he will.


note- this book needs to be edited. no joke, but give it a go. thanks.

I always have a new book with me. I can never just stay with one
pettypizza pettypizza Sep 21
^^^^ Godamnnnnn she murdered everybody and I was her witness
ccl123456 ccl123456 Oct 24
Omg!!! I seriously love Sherlock!!!!!!!! Im so hanging out for the new season
The only person to meet the Chuck Bass standards, is Chuck Bass.
jrod567 jrod567 Jun 16
Lol thanks for giving me permission. Wasn't sure if it was appropriate or not, fangirling can get a bit out of control at times😏