Older! Dipper x Male! Wendigo! Reader

Older! Dipper x Male! Wendigo! Reader

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Lian By BlackDevilWhiteDemon Updated Sep 23, 2016

Art by life-writer on Tumblr 

Yes, I know this is a weird Reader-insert. But I read this Dipper x Male! Wendigo! Reader, (I was bored and it was 2 AM QAQ) and it was REALLY awesome, I just had to my own with a twist. Here's a link to that story.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2587745/chapters/5761238?view_adult=true

So, the original concept belongs to 7HotChocat1 on Archive of Our Own 

The plot belongs to me

qquitter qquitter Mar 10
Windigo = Supernatural 
                              Hello the supernatural fandom has arrived to plauge the comments with reference after refrence until you bow down to us you dirty peasants.
Most people see wendigos as bald skinny f$ #s...I see them as skeleton/deer/wolves...badass creatures...
Undergroundlove Undergroundlove Sep 01, 2016
I tried so hard but got so far in the end it doesn't even matter
BluffBatForever BluffBatForever Mar 25, 2016
I'm surprised that there's no one reciting some good Ol' Linkin Park lyrics over here...
Teen_Symptoms Teen_Symptoms Dec 31, 2016
*Says in a dark voice* I eAt ThE fLeSh oF tHe iNnoCeNt.
                              *Says in their normal voice* And it tastes a bit salty--
WhiteWolfDemon1 WhiteWolfDemon1 Nov 24, 2016
When I saw Wendigo I thought Supernatural, but then saw Dipper sooooo...