Older! Dipper x Male! Wendigo! Reader

Older! Dipper x Male! Wendigo! Reader

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Lian By BlackDevilWhiteDemon Updated Sep 23

Art by life-writer on Tumblr 

Yes, I know this is a weird Reader-insert. But I read this Dipper x Male! Wendigo! Reader, (I was bored and it was 2 AM QAQ) and it was REALLY awesome, I just had to my own with a twist. Here's a link to that story.

Link: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2587745/chapters/5761238?view_adult=true

So, the original concept belongs to 7HotChocat1 on Archive of Our Own 

The plot belongs to me

I tried so hard but got so far in the end it doesn't even matter
I'm surprised that there's no one reciting some good Ol' Linkin Park lyrics over here...
When I saw Wendigo I thought Supernatural, but then saw Dipper sooooo...
B/C I'm such a Supernatural nerd, all I can think of is a large humanoid figure, capturing victims and hiding them in dark places, making the attacks look like that of a bear, slowly feasting away on the people while they scream in agony.
I was gonna scream wtf is a Wendigo but I'll just find out myself or something
TheLandofFandoms TheLandofFandoms Aug 30, 2015
Whoa, this was a really cool first chapter.... this is great... I'm speechless. Good job!