public fear ☹ phan

public fear ☹ phan

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jupiter By artdan Completed

"Do you know those cartoons where people have a little devil and a little angel on their shoulder?"


"That's exactly what I have."


trigger warning(s): mentions of; pills, panic attacks, good/bad personas <3

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bobababy_ bobababy_ Jun 11, 2017
this is how people get mudered don't let a stranger walk you home
dumkaerlighed dumkaerlighed Oct 21, 2017
Why does Dan Always have issues in those fics guys give him a break
TheLoudestKilljoy TheLoudestKilljoy Jun 27, 2017
It's fine I didn't see anything about Phil being a serial killer in the description
TheLoudestKilljoy TheLoudestKilljoy Jun 27, 2017
If anything Dan is probably more safe with Phil that he was alone
wowza_alexandra wowza_alexandra Aug 02, 2017
I can't even read that in a regular Dan voice without reading it like he said it
deact1vat3d deact1vat3d Apr 13