Creepypasta x powerful reader

Creepypasta x powerful reader

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(A/N thid is my first story so do please tell me if you like it and if there are any errors. Thank you) 

You woke up at five in the morning, getting ready for school. You grabbed your under garment, black jeans, a white shirt that had a picture of a full moon and a wolf with bats and a city in the background, and your brown leather jacket. Then you went to take a shower and then got dress.

You tied up your (l/h) (c/h) hair into a pony tail and then put on your sunglasses. Then you looked at a picture of you and your mom. 

She died when you were five and you and your dad missed her terribly.

Not wanting to cry before school even started, you turned away and went downstairs to start cooking breakfast for two.

After breakfast, you started walking ro school. It was only 6:45 so tou had enough time to walk through the woods. It was the place where you would like to relax. However, you didn't go to far into the woods because of the rumors. Not like you cared though.

~~Your pov~~

I too...

Umm I don't do my own so why would I do yours you little brat
How can I tie my hair when my hair was really short. \(-_-)/
My Confidence is great but...... always Emotionless and cold(-_-)
But, my mom and aunt’s name is Jessica. Oh well I’ll change it!
Pops up behind slender (if it even is him) “What did u say bro? U talking behind my back??”
Wait it said 'before school even started' that makes me think she's getting bullied