The Warrior (A TMR Minho Fanfic)

The Warrior (A TMR Minho Fanfic)

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Golden Trash By -aeipathy- Updated Oct 15

You heard that Teresa was the first girl in the glade, but whoever told you that was wrong. There was a girl before Teresa, a girl that would change the whole glade, a girl named Tamara. 

Tamara woke up in a box with absolutely no memory of her past, a whole entire freaking planet full of stubbornness, sarcasm and sass, along with a slight confusion on if she was an alien or a human, But then the doors of heaven opened and suddenly she died. 

Just kidding, she arrived in the glade, which if you think about it, it's actually quite similar to death. But there was a slight problem. She was the only girl. How. Shuckin. Luvly. 

When she arrives in the glade, she was welcomed by the ever so famous Gally. We all know how he is just the sweetest boy in the universe. He really set a good impression. 

Who am I kidding, he set a horrible example because well. This is Gally we're talking About. So greenie Tamara here immediately dislikes everyone. Not to mention the incredibly confusing lecture on where she was and how she couldn't know anything until the next day. Shuckin fabulous. 

The only dude she thought was nice, was the British cutie Newt who gave her a lovely tour around wherever she was. 

But what happens when a certain sexy Asian keeper steps into the picture? Okay okay wait, lemme rephrase that. What happens when the Sass King, and the Sass Queen collide? (Quite literally too) 

Will they sass battle to the death and start World War 3? Or will they fall so far into the abyss called love to the point where they can't ever crawl out? 

Honestly i don't exactly completely know quite yet so let's find out!

I absolutely LOVE your writing style! Its great!!!🏃🏃🏃🏃
Literally looked at the chapter name and knew this was gonna be good
I was young and I think it was cuz someone pointed to a flower girl and said aww its a girl
Susan_A Susan_A May 01
I don't mean to be rude but i think that instead of american you should have put white or caucasian because all of the races mentioned could be American....
Omsg (oh my shucking gosh) rams is capitalized.. GO RAMS!!! P.S. I go to St. Lawrence Catholic School, home of the Rams
Well that went from zero to one hundred real quick😂😂😂