A dragon for your thoughts (now published so sample only)

A dragon for your thoughts (now published so sample only)

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Sandra By SandraCorton Completed

Millie Anderson had only gone to that party because her boss begged her to attend. Little did she know that it would change her life forever, in more ways than one.

She saw him from across the room, the dark, mysterious stranger and her heart raced. His smile was the very predator stalking her but his voice was smooth and alluring.

Duane Drakon hadn't meant to seek her out but she lured him in. He never meant to bring his families attention on her. Inadvertently though, he had done just that.

His family was hoping that he had finally seen the light. They wanted him to stop his doughnut eating habit and return to eating humans. That had been their family way for millennia. They were tired of him dragging their good name into disrepute.

When Millie finds herself caught in the realm of a real life dragon, she decided that she had two choices. She could turn tail and run, hoping that she doesn't become a flaming meat popsicle. Or she could stay and find out about Duane's world.

Sure she had his family constantly wanting to eat her. Then there was the maddening attraction she felt for him. Mix in her own family dramas and life was rather hectic.
She could survive this surely.... Couldn't she?

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Love this book so much!! Ready for enjoying it again 😉😇😁 #rr
Anie101 Anie101 Aug 15, 2016
Millie seems nice, especially for accepting the date. I wouldn't go out with my boss for the world.
darkbeauty55 darkbeauty55 Dec 24, 2016
I love how they both talk so formal and casual and a a little flirting. (At least that's how I'm reading it.)   I wish I could talk like that. Make me look weird but oh well.
QuaiCa QuaiCa Dec 02, 2016
Reminds me of raping Vietnamese dragons back in the good ole days of the Cold War. Good job!
_SilentStorms_ _SilentStorms_ Oct 09, 2015
I am from America and it seems that the writer isn't and because of all the big words used this book seems so posh.  I love it! Finally a writer that will used bigger and better words to improve my reading!
CakeAndUnicorn CakeAndUnicorn Sep 22, 2015
*takes in a deep breath*
                              I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!
                              I'm really excited to read more too.