Instinct of the Wild

Instinct of the Wild

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Sufferance By Sufferance Updated May 07, 2017

Wolves are instinctual beings, thriving on hierarchy and a pack mentality.

Scars are common among werewolves; showing the world the brutality of werewolf life. Mother nature has never been kind, and for savage beasts who have the unfortunate gift of appearing human, she is even less than sympathetic to their plight.

Nova has preferred  to stay out of the limelight and lay low most of her life. A wolf who has watched only from the sidelines as her packmates brutally maul each other over petty squabbles and the quest for dominance. However, with the scent of her inbound heat affecting every male that comes within sniffing distance, her days of obscurity are over. 

Nova finds herself thrown into a battle for the thing she distastes most. Plots are hatched, and everything is not as it seems, it's hard to keep your head above the water and to keep from drowning a midst the confusion and treachery.

Instinct lives within every living creature, and Nova is no exception.
[Contains mild violence and sexual references]

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RatanyaMarieZachman RatanyaMarieZachman Jun 30, 2017
I'm totally following you. Plus I hope you update a lot because this book is amazing even though if it took you years update I'd still wait for it honestly. But it's just frustrating when it's a book is so good and it takes forever to update cuz you want to know so badly what's happening next.
maliyaha maliyaha Apr 12, 2017
I made that Scooby Doo noise he make when he confused 😂😂
GirlWithAnEInHerName GirlWithAnEInHerName Jul 18, 2017
I slammed my head into my laptop
                              *screams a little at my lost innocence*
TheLostSocks TheLostSocks Jan 23, 2017
Yall innocent smh this is meh compared to other real werewolf books
TheLostSocks TheLostSocks Jan 23, 2017
Okay but guys how many werewolves do u think accidentaly mate a family member because of the close proximity when theyre going through heat and stuff? Probably some
TheLostSocks TheLostSocks Jan 23, 2017
Yo hope this aint the main love interest bcus thats sexual harrasment...not uncommon in this genre but still...