Holding On

Holding On

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It's been years since I left Konoha. 
Years since I lost my friends. Maybe it was the other way around.

I still don't have any clue why they turned on me.

Sure, I was always the weak one in Kakashi-sensei's team, which proves my uselessness.
I couldn't do much except heal but Naruto and Sasuke were both strong enough to handle themselves.

And I've had my fair share of flaws: my quick-tempered personality, my ridiculous belief in the possibility of the impossible (which is ironically inspired by Naruto), and of course, the unknown demon that lives in my mind.

But these flaws aren't the only things that I have. 

I have my bright pink hair and my emerald eyes which both show my own will of fire when I get pumped up.

I would never give up on someone, even at the brink of their death or mine, I wouldn't even think about leaving them behind.

But I don't understand. No matter how hard I train myself, at the end of the day, I'm the one who needs to be saved.

It's like I can't do anything that could help.

Am I a burden?

Is that all I could be? A burden?

Will I ever impro-

"Sakura, who are you talking to?"

"Didn't I tell you not to read my mind? This is like the fifth time now, Itachi."

"I didn't read your mind. You were speaking out loud."

"No I wasn't."

"Yes you were."

"No I wasn't."

"You know I could do this all day, right?"

"Shut up, you red-eyed duckbutt. Go back to whatever the hell you were doing and leave me alone."

Take 2: 

I don't even know what to do anymore. I'm so scared.
I want to prove myself, but then again, I'm scared that I might lose who I really am.

Who am I? Who's the pink-haired girl that I see in the mirror?

Who is Sakura Haru-

"Oh for crying out loud!"


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Warning: this book may contain inappropriate words that are not suitable for young readers.

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Zarine212 Zarine212 May 09, 2017
That's me when I'm with annoying people and m tryna b nice. *Sigh*
He was probably hungry...............u know what they say a hungry man is an angry man so.....
Pandagirl2022 Pandagirl2022 Mar 09, 2017
need help because it will be a honor for me to be by your side to kill does F**king shinobis that think that their the greatest
Annella_chan Annella_chan Sep 30, 2016
Oh~ Bitches~ I'M CERTAINLY WANT TO KILL THEM ALL NOW!!! And of course you don't wanna get killed by a thirteen-year-old girl right~
ShiftyAF ShiftyAF Sep 23, 2016
That escalated quickly.
                              Tsunade: You can't go on this mission.
                              Sakura: Ohoho~ so despite you knowing that I am strong as f*ck, you still won't let me go? That it? You think I'm weak? Huh? Huh? HUH?! WELL F*CK YOU, KONOHA! I SHALL BECOME SASUKE NUMBER 2 AND KILL YOU ALL! I'M COMING, B*TCHES!
ingrans ingrans Dec 17, 2015
Wow Naruto. Take a ramen. You are not yourself when you are hungry