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The Mysterious Shinobi (Naruto)

The Mysterious Shinobi (Naruto)

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Hồng By startlednoises Updated Dec 24, 2016

Manami Ametsuchi is a mermaid. Heir to the throne, beating her twin, Nanami, by  three minutes. The royal family of the ocean all control one element... Besides Manami... She's tried to keep it a secret, but it spilled at the age of twelve. She controlled every element. Thinking it was a curse, the merfok planned the princesses death. So, she swam away. And saw Ninjas.

{I do not own Naruto. Only the Royal family} [On hold and editing]
[i started this in the sixth grade pls dont kill me if it sucks]

AnimeFanpersonQuotev AnimeFanpersonQuotev Dec 26, 2016
I first imagined Shanshiro with messy, short hair when it said dirty blonde, but it was pulled back instead.... Oh well.
Clawdeenrose Clawdeenrose Dec 28, 2016
Run Manami RUN
                              I mean Swin Manami SWIM
                              Before they think you are crazy
WolfPeasant145 WolfPeasant145 Aug 11, 2016
Look at me I'm a pretty little dolphin let me do a flip for ya
Mysti10 Mysti10 Oct 24, 2016
Sharks are my favorite sea animal..............WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA WHY T_T
_MICU_ _MICU_ Aug 02, 2016
Shes got a point 
                              If you kill all the sharks,the food chain would be disturbed
_MICU_ _MICU_ Aug 02, 2016
I dont know why but i laughed like really hard 
                              Like really really hard