The Big Four x Reader

The Big Four x Reader

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TBSA :) By The_Big_Six_asks Completed

Disney High.

Five major: Smart, Sports, Healing, Magic and Nature.

You lived alone and decided to go to Disney High. You discover some yourself. You meet Four people (Merida, Rapunzel, Jack and Hiccup).
Problems starts up for The Big Four 
Lovers and heartbreaks 
Friends to enemies

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Jack and elsa flyn and punzie and me and hiccup, that i could live with but if is going where i think it is... Shnxvdjsand. F u
I love how 'one day you got hit by a car' is just thrown in there with no ellaberation😅
I love how in the beginning things were sounding good then got more and more depressing with each line 😂
I may be fangirling… just a little bit… ok a lot more than a little bit. Don't judge me!
                              Jack: *covers my mouth* I don't need anymore fangirls!
Not gonna lie but I read that as "dragon slayer" I been watching to much Fairy Tail 😅