Justice League: Generation Worth Millions

Justice League: Generation Worth Millions

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Valentine By Vaaahhhl Completed

The fate of the world falls into the hands of a partying Kryptonian, a moody clone, a time-traveling speedster, a nerd who can fight, a Martian who bakes, and a teenage girl in the middle of an existential crisis. 

Krystal is the long lost daughter of Bruce Wayne, result of a one night stand the bachelor had while young and traveling abroad. When they are reunited, she struggles to adjust from street rat to billionaire. She finds comfort as Batgirl, but having Batman as a mentor can be a downer. Companionship with Robin and the other sidekicks to the Justice League are the silver lining she craves. 

When the Watch Tower is blown to bits, a shocking plot aiming to monetize the impressionable young heroes and destroy their beloved mentors arises. Behind it all is a figure from Krystal's past that paralyzes her between two times, two worlds, and two families. She can only choose one and must lose the other forever. 

NOTE: This is NOT a "Young Justice" story. It is loosely based on the original comics for each of the characters represented, the JLA comics (prior to New 52) and "Justice League Unlimited."