Life without words

Life without words

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Selective Mutism- A form of Autism and anxiety disorder. In which the person is incapable of speaking in social environments. 


Luke and Calum have always been together, in more than just being friends. They have a relationship that is stronger than steal. It is hard to believe that Calum has never actually spoken a word to Luke, or any of his other friends. 

It isn't his choice not to speak, he just can't. Words are not needed in their relationship and Luke is perfectly fine with that, it has always been that way it is and he never sees it changing. 


This story is based on my life with my best friend who does actually have this 'disorder'. She has never said a word to me and I've known her since we were five. 

Please if you do read this do not use the term Mute to describe anyone because I find that word highly offensive. This story also isn't going to be sad or whatever it is just going to show how you don't need words to have a relationship.

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mac9621 mac9621 Aug 08, 2016
I think this book going to be 
                              really good and an eye opener
_Ashton_irwin_5SOS_ _Ashton_irwin_5SOS_ Nov 05, 2016
C: "You look like a frog"
                              "Give me that face"
                              A: *laughs*
                              C:"We all know what you're doing with your laptop on this side"
- - Dec 11, 2016
Yeah I wish I could do that but I'm really fat and weight a ton
_Ashton_irwin_5SOS_ _Ashton_irwin_5SOS_ Nov 05, 2016
Yeah this actually happens sometimes, my friend Luke litterally will like do something and I'll laugh, but then he will do too much and I snap
cal_i_um cal_i_um Oct 22, 2016
Luke I did know we were this way 
                              Thank you for letting me know
                              (I know it's probably annoying but Cali is rarely a name in CAKE fanfics)
cal_i_um cal_i_um Oct 22, 2016
Don't you love it when our nick names are Calums nicknames and Calums nicknames are your name