Shattered Glass

Shattered Glass

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Kii By XxunravelxX Updated Sep 05

Maria is a new Student at Ouran high school and she stands out because no one knows anything about her.

She seems weird because she has a guard dog that follows her everywhere, she usually stays to herself, and she carries herself like royalty.

One day she comes into the host club by accident and shatters a million dollar vase. Frantically she begs that the host club doesn't tell her family.

They make her their dog or other known as their servant but when she doesn't show to school for two days they start to get suspicious and go to her house.

What they find surprises them all.

That happened to me and right when everyone was about to leave the teacher showed up -_-
My classmate said that today... I didn't know it wad actually true!
Do people ever say yes in Japanese and then she says no its Mrs. Hai, not just Hai
Thanks, I take those as complements. Plus, people call me weird alot.