Sweet Blossoms in the Fleeting Wind - BleachXNaruto Crossover

Sweet Blossoms in the Fleeting Wind - BleachXNaruto Crossover

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The story of a mission. A mission for love. A mission for friends. A mission to protect.

The traitor, Aizen Sousuke has yet again decided to start trouble in his advent to gain power. And this time, he's after possibly unique power found in a new dimension he's opened up a portal to. A world of ninjas where the whole idea of reiatsu is non existent.

Ryuusuke Azami, the second substitute shinigami and the only one to match the level of any captain in Soul Society, is now a trusted and dependable protector of the world. After training and holding her spirits high all this time, its her turn to meet new friends and protect them from the harm that threatens them and her hometown as well.

Follow her as she juggles between love, life and a small hope of making the world a better place. A place where all life, good and bad, big and small can live in harmony through the bonds and dreams guiding them.

Like beautiful sweet blossoms drifting through the fleeting wind.

Jenna_Lucia Jenna_Lucia Apr 16, 2016
I'm reading a crossover of naruto and Bleach and listening to a KHR soundtrack on a phone which has a one piece case. Lol.