Multiple Identities: Detective (A Detective Conan Fanfic)

Multiple Identities: Detective (A Detective Conan Fanfic)

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Rainezmae Mystique Payne Xyrielle Scarlett Cross By Yuruina_Mikasa Updated Jan 17, 2017

Multiple Identities: Detective... 
  Yuuki Akemi is a high school detective and an ex apprentice of Kuroba Touichi, a world renowned magician. One day, because of an accident somewhere  in Osaka, she got lost in the woods and saw a bloody crime scene. As she was about to approach the body, she was kicked in her abdomen where there are a lot of wounds because of a sparring before with someone which caused her to groan in pain. Then she was forced to swallow a drug and left her in her state and after they left, she felt a pain in her chest and everything around her turned black...
  PS: Guixt, this is just a fanfic. Anything that might be similar to the reality or others stories, are purely coincidental. 
  And I might get some cases from the DC manga itself... and oh! This story, the characters, might have their year level rise (e.g. Conan and the others will be 2nd Graders), depends  on how my brain works 0.0

And get some cases from the.... detective series or movies I watched (and eventually got addicted to 😒)

And (again), I just created a few characters in here, and ps: I don't usually do main character x OC. I usually make OCxOC, not making pairs that are not really on the series so... yeah... no Main char X OC

 Although nowadays my brain can't and won't generate good ideas for the story thus this is story is on hiatus until I can get into the mood and groove...

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Sakura_Blossom_553 Sakura_Blossom_553 Jun 28, 2017
I need to go to sleep but I have something to look forward to in the morning
STORYtellerSSSS STORYtellerSSSS Nov 26, 2016
I LOVE DC😭😭😭😭😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️