Hold Me Tight (BTS Fanfic)

Hold Me Tight (BTS Fanfic)

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Jeon Christine By JeonChristineee Updated Aug 26, 2016

Bangtan Sonyeondan. 
A group of guys who has a story behind every mask they put on and show to everyone. Every member fights a battle no one is aware of. They're fighting much more than what other people see underground, and that's something only the people whom they let into their walls see.

Choi Eunmi.
A girl who's known to be quiet and smart as she is one of the scholars in her school and always gets top grades. She lives in a mansion with such a wealthy family friend supporting her and her mother, but she herself, is fighting a battle every single day.

A past she had always wanted to bury but her fate gets entangled with a Bangtan member and all the things she had tried so hard to avoid was now becoming inevitable.

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I crack my neck it always makes it looser and less stiff but it hurts to crack it sometimes
When jk says 'my family' i was like OH GOSH JK I LOVE YOU MY BOY
metolazy metolazy Feb 26, 2016
I tought Yoongi is a grandpa.... While Namjoon is the papa..
haryettelcandelaria haryettelcandelaria Jun 01, 2016
Update more of your story i'm almost done w theeeem 😭😭😭
parkxiuwan12 parkxiuwan12 Oct 13, 2015
Excuse me..just wondering
                              .this story kinda remind me of what jeon christine wrote in one of her one shots..or am i just mistaken?
TamaraLK TamaraLK Aug 06, 2015
So do we have to go to the one shot collection and read those first or we can just start from the beginning here?