Brutal || Jack Gilinsky

Brutal || Jack Gilinsky

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☹Gilinsking☻ By FreshPrinceOfJacks Updated Jul 14

His eyes stared into mine, once filled with brutal hate, now filled with something i couldn't figure out. I could feel his hot breath fanning my face, and the only thing I could do was flicker my eyes from his gaze, to his lips.


In which two step-to-be siblings share a brutal, hateful relationship.

httpJB httpJB Dec 06, 2015
I'm watching Despicable Me at the moment what a coincidoink 😂😂
easedestiel easedestiel Dec 01, 2015
Why did u crash my car?
                              Bc I wanted to see how a Mercedes-Benz
Eraqueen Eraqueen Nov 23, 2015
Of course hes gorgeus. I mean God himself carved hes jawline,damn
zaynsbbyg zaynsbbyg Aug 08, 2015
I dont know if I can handle another gilinsky book after Dissemble :(