The Fire Wolf and her Prince of a Mate.

The Fire Wolf and her Prince of a Mate.

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Shajuana By ShajuanaStewart Updated Apr 19

Nala, is the alphas daughter and not to mention drop dead gorgeous with a wild personality.She was taught to fight since she began to take her first steps. After all being the alphas daughter you have to know a few moves.

Tyler, is a Alpha Prince that will soon become king. But not until he meets his mate.He is known to be a player, with striking features and doesn't think about his actions. 

So what happens when he finds his mate and meets the ultimate player.

Will his player like ways win Nala's heart or will it send him and the werewolf community crumbling down?

Follow Nala and Tyler on the Adventure and see where fate will take them?

  • future
  • love
  • mate
  • player
  • royalty
  • trust
  • warriors
Ikr..BTW  it said the royal checkups would be in 2 days! what?!how long does it take them to get "presentable"!
Please we all know she was gonna shizzle, I don't know why you thinking like that
Unless your name is Barney Stinson then sure you're the king of all players