Behind Bars || s.w

Behind Bars || s.w

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"Hello, I'd like to visit Samuel Wilkinson?" 


Sequel to Strip Club

k_white25 k_white25 Jun 23
Mitch(Kevin Hart voice)! How da f*ck are you gonna love him and bail him out of jail when he tried to capture you? Like is your brain still working properly?💭
Casper:"uncle I told u not to possess people in public"
                              Uncle:"sorry its fun you try"
                              *that moment when ^*
bluefortw bluefortw Mar 12
But... He wanted to kill you for your dads money.. Why tf would you trust him?!?!?
Well if they see that sexy ass strutting around of course they'd want to stab it ;)
Bitch u wouldn't have to visit him if u didnt put him there !