Fall Away (joshler)

Fall Away (joshler)

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alyssa/cale By dunseph Updated Dec 21, 2016

"Nobody needs you, Tyler"

He'd heard this voice and these words so many time before. But maybe this time, it was right.

"I know."

My mom: Your hair is messy 
                              Me: I don't have to see it so...
                              and i dun care!
Why bananas?!?!!?!? they hate bananas! i mean.... * has super gay thoughts* never mind i just scared myself
intrigud intrigud Jul 13, 2016
Okay I'm also 12 (yes believe it) and I have major depression and it is not fun at all
bby don't be judge by them because you are a human being and human beings make mistakes and that was just a mistake *taking racks down Tyler irl * TyTy! *hugs him* its okay... 
                              Tyler: what?
                              Me: People were judging for the scars
                              Tyler: what scars?
Lets get these teens ,adult hearts, getting faster and faster!
My brother and sometimes me like rn... Mom do you realize im reading a fanfiction?!? I'm reading fpr once!