I Love You......Not

I Love You......Not

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Lilieana By Lilieana Completed

Used to be The Alpha Heiress and Her Unwanted Mate. 

Beautiful cover by @LexyGriffith 

Sequel to Alpha Heir and His Toys

Charlotte wanted to find her mate but she also feared it too. She wanted to live happily and be in love with him, she wanted him to love her for her and not for what he could get from her. The power, the pack. But as usually nothing goes how you want it. She gets Damon Richards as a mate. The power hungry Alpha heir to her neighboring pack. Damon didn't ever want a mate, planned on rejecting her the minute he found her. When Damon finds out that Charlotte is the heir to one of the strongest packs in the world he suddenly wants her. But Charlotte knows what he wants from her, her fears had come true. She's determined not to give into him, to get him to reject her. Will he change for her? Or will there be a rejection said? If so, who will be saying it and what will happen?

poptarts12321 poptarts12321 Jun 29, 2017
I don't see why she would need permission from her parents to do something with her own body considering she is an adult anyways. They don't have the right to tell her no sex.
teegzy12 teegzy12 Sep 09, 2017
Yea your dad was a d*** I'm surprised your mum didn't slit his throut for what he was doing to her. Even while she was preggers with you. 🔪
poptarts12321 poptarts12321 Jun 29, 2017
She gets a savior for a brother but my brother tried to curse me for taking one of his chicken nuggets
XxTwistedTruthsxX XxTwistedTruthsxX May 29, 2016
Maybe guys act like such pervs BECAUSE people like HIM let them?!
Captainmoney23 Captainmoney23 Mar 03, 2016
Nope.  Disgrace to Adam,Diana,Faye,Doug, Chris,Cassie, Nick, Melanie, Suzan,Deborah, Laurel, and Sean. If you're going to do a tv series based on a book series about a coven of witches at least include everyone from said coven.
ForeverAlways1604 ForeverAlways1604 May 28, 2016
I loved that show. I still can't believe it was canceled. 😭😭😭