can it be more?

can it be more?

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Pryce pov.
I ran up the dark street into the alley.

"Bro you think they still behind us?"

Yeah we sell drugs and's for good cause though don't ask about it tho.

"Nah I think we lost em. Come on let's get home before she realize we gone."

Me and my big brother lydel ran towards the direction of our house.


I woke up to the sun shining in my face through the window. Outside I could hear car doors slam and close.

"Bro it's Saturday.."

I looked at my phone screen 


I rolled out my bed looking out my window I saw moving trucks in front of the house across the street. My mom was already out there being friendly. 

Might as well join.

I walked past my brother room who was snoring like a wild animal.

When I walked out side it was slight warm like any other summer morning in July.

I was wearing red basketball shorts socks and Jordan sandals.


She turned around and so did the lady she was talking to. She flashed me a smile.

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PerfectPerceptions PerfectPerceptions Jul 11, 2015
can u please change football to basketball, and when ur doing people point of view you should put Pryce Pov