The Guardian of love {Slow updates}

The Guardian of love {Slow updates}

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Damaris By _Jack_and_Elsa_ Updated Sep 03, 2016

Elsa of Arendelle or cupid as most people call her, has become a guardian. She had to come face to face to Pitch black in the past, and now she has to face him again . Although this time she isn't alone because she has become a guardian. 

Would she still have to face him alone? Or will she have someone by her side this time?

And if she finds love with in one of the guardians, would it last?

Or crash and burn?

(A/N: I'm not very good at discretions so just please read it and tell me what you think towards it. And this isn't my original idea. There are many books with Elsa as cupid, so credits to who ever thought of it first)

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10/10, it's already much better than some of the stories like this (:
Lothirielswan Lothirielswan Mar 05, 2016
I always like it when fan fiction's make Elsa a guardian. Love the chapter :)
FanGirlInTheMaking FanGirlInTheMaking Apr 22, 2016
Well.........I don't like it...........I LOVE ITs so good I give u a.......A++++++++++++++.......IT SO GOOD!!😁
kitty24210 kitty24210 Jan 08, 2016
You  know  his names  a type of bread  and PEETA BRING  ME BREAD AND   KAETA
Toaster_Strudel2015 Toaster_Strudel2015 Aug 11, 2015
                              AKA PEETA!!!!!
cheekensoup cheekensoup Jul 14, 2015
This book keeps getting better and better, please update soon- if you can.