Unforgettable ( a Liam Payne fanfic ) •complete•

Unforgettable ( a Liam Payne fanfic ) •complete•

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Berryblast14 By berryblast14 Updated Jan 22, 2017

"As he was singing his eyes landed on a girl, he couldn't stop looking and smiling at her..."

It's funny how one part of her happiness is a boyband, it's funny how she fangirls over them everyday but she'll never get to meet them, but what would you do if you ever got to live with one?

This is Carley Miller and she's 18 years old, 5 years ago she started obsessing over a bunch of boys, One Direction, She fangirls over all of them but there's one she fangirls over more than the rest, Liam Payne, She finally got a chance to go to one of their concerts with her best friend, Emma Williams, of course she took it. The concert ended and she was leaving, as she opened the door to leave someone grabbed her shoulder, She turned around to see her happiness standing right in front of her, Liam Payne, but that wasn't the only surprising thing...

With meeting her idol comes a lot of responsibilities but also a lot of dangers... 

What would you do if the key to your happiness suddenly appeared in front of you??

( hey guys, thanks for clicking and looking at this book I hope if you add it to your reading list you enjoy it)

Warning: I started writing this book when I was 11 so it's not that great