Made to be Min Yoongi's Maid

Made to be Min Yoongi's Maid

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[Jinri's POV]

The steel bars fell down on the floor with a loud clanking sound, making me flinch from my original position. I sighed and snuggled on my velvet scarf as the cool breeze of air circled around my body.

Manager locked the steel bars and heaved a sigh, then threw his sight on me.

"Jinri... the day I've been fearing for years has come." He shook his head sidewards and approached me, his warm hands patting my head.

I nodded. "It's so painful. This restaurant of yours had already become my home, and you already become my family." 

My eyes wandered around the whole place, the wooden stools where customers used to sit and have fun with are already vacant. The noisy chatters of the door and the ear-piercing 'ting' of the bell is already gone. It all ended like that.

"Jinri-ah, I am very thankful that I have you as my worker here at my little business." He cackled a raspy laughter. "You're very young, you have all the time in the world to achieve your dreams." He continued.

ItzLaty ItzLaty Nov 20
No it's a
                              You thought wrong bitch
Hehe... um... how will i say this nicely... HE'S A FÜCKING BADASS BOY Y KNO
xDarkClovds xDarkClovds May 29
Act like you know what you're doing.. It may be a lie but if you want the job... I say fake it to ya bloody make it lol.
moonstarism moonstarism Jul 18
Shouldnt be laughing but these things reminds me of fairytales lol
If Mother Nature blew me some money me and her would be cool but that didn't happen so......
zmozip16 zmozip16 Jun 11
Thank you for being a rare author by using Korean names correctly.