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Why Won't This Arrogant Jerk Leave Me Alone?

Why Won't This Arrogant Jerk Leave Me Alone?

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Kinsey Huff By KinseyHuff3 Completed

Don't Judge my book by this description, I am not good at this. Haha.--Caroline Summers is 17 years old. Her nickname is Carrie. She goes to the most cliche highschool ever. They have the stuck up arrogant jocks and the rude cheerleaders. She is in some clubs, sports, and has lots of friends, but her best friend is Ally. She's never been to a party, but Carrie does get invited. Also, Carrie hates the Arrogant Jerk Nate.
 Nate Lakerfield is the most sexy guy in school. Some girls actually have  picture of him in their locker. Nate is the captain of the football team, basketball team, and of course the hockey team. He goes to a bunch of parties and usually ends sup getting 'wasted', well he used to. He can't drink anymore. Which you will find out why later. Also, he has slept with half the school, but that's what people think. They don't know the real him..

Once Carrie catches Nate's eye, things get interesting. Things aren't always as they seem. The past becomes present. And what happens when a creepy guy starts to stalk Carrie?And what if he knows her secret?

Maaarissa Maaarissa Mar 13
I fall asleep in class ever once in awhile but my friend Brooks just shakes me or he just slams his hand on my desk
karereine karereine Mar 17
Same, but sometimes the choices are nasty so I get the value pack lunch
The only things we relate on are, sports, clubs, grades, and being single for the next 50 years
All y'all are saying JB and the Fray but I'm here thinking of An American Tail
asadabae asadabae Aug 30, 2016
                              You don't even have proper reasoning for him to be a jerk anyways so YAH BITCH
                              Your just jealous that he is captain of three teams or you got some trust issues OR your quick to judge
unicorn_lover1194 unicorn_lover1194 Dec 09, 2016
When this girl literally is me
                              This is honestly my life story even though I'm not that popular and read/ watch Netflix half the time