Flames of passion

Flames of passion

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The Serpantking By serpantking Updated Oct 05, 2016

P.O.V. third

[Name] a new student to Beacon. He was deffiently a loner he never talked unless spoken to and he avoided as much contact as possible. The teachers didn't like him for the simple reason he showed no respect for them.

They had asked Opzin to expel the teen several times but each ttime he refused. When asked why he recruited the boy in the first place Opzin's exact words where. 

"Listen I know he can be a pain but he is a very valuable edition to this school. He took down a Grimm Goliath with almost no effort at all. He is special and if he wants to be left alone then leave him alone."

This bothered all the teachers but they did nothing and did as Opzin told them. No one really cared for the [H/c] male except for RWBY. For the main reason he was lonely. 

He didn't even have a team he was so apparently so skilled that he was put on a special one man team. 

He still had to attend class. Did he hate he hated it about as much as Ruby hated to share her cookies. They were c...

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Yeah but seriously one sniper shot and......  Bye bye blonde
Seriously this is starting to sound a lot like my freshman year of highschool
Yo this sounds like my freshman year all over again xD......  Highschool sucks...
SSJ4Beast SSJ4Beast May 02
You would assume the more dangerous the threat the more they would want to kill you lol
SSJ4Beast SSJ4Beast May 02
Dumb as hell lol, yang can beat the hell out of you even without ammo
maty25446 maty25446 Feb 01
don't even think about fighting me unless you want know what dying slowly and quickly at the same time feels , heheh