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Austen jane rami By darksoulneko Updated Jul 30, 2015

Name: hollow 

Skin colour : white sick skin 

Eye colour: dark red

Hair colour : short white hair

Clothes: White colour jacket 
Black shirt dark black cargo pants 

Mask shape: skeleton mouth shape mask 

Powers: fire powers able to turn invisible able to transform to animals

Weapon: scyther 

Gender: male

Family members: sister holloween 

Story:  every year on holloween a boy goes out to hunt on holloween night he lures children to him by singing a song ( this is holloween ) and if a kid wonders to him he will finish his song but if he's intrupted he will kill the kid with his scyther but if he finish his song he let's the kid live then stalks the the kid who saw him he makes the kid go crazy by making him think his being watched then kills his fame one by one making it look like accidents then when he's the last one kills him and when people find the kid dead body his cheek has marked by a two eyes .

Age:  unknown

Personality: dark

Fun facts: 
He loves his sister
Likes his s...

CaptainEyebrows CaptainEyebrows Apr 29, 2016
That's not a character, that is a mutherfuking toy model. Where is his personality? Oh shite, don't know if he's a coward, extroverted, humourous, bitter, solemn, or whatever, but at least we know WHAT COLOUR HIS SHITTING HAIR IS