A love that's too late

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Yasmin By Brokenlessthan3 Updated 4 years ago
Meet Alex Gale. A hot sixteen-year old guy. He’s sweet, caring, loving weird (in a good way) and kind. He wants to be a male model one day. He’s the guy that everyone wants.  
    Meet Elizzabeth Brookes.A feisty fifteen year old girl. She’s confident, caring, weird (in a good way) and ambitious. Plus, she has amazing self-defence skills. She wants to be a journalist one day. 
    They’re your typical best friends.  Oh and did I mention Lizz has a problem? She loves Alex. More than a friend love. But it doesn’t end there. When Alex leaves Lizz without a goodbye, they both go in their separate ways. 
    What happens when you mix time in their love story? Chaos.
    **6  years later**
    Meet Lizz again. She’s twenty one. Did she get her dream job? Heck no. She’s poor. Her job is making burritos and she lives in a rubbish flat. The only good thing about her life are the people in it. She has a gorgeous boyfriend. A dependable guy friend. And a wonderful best friend.
    Meet Alex again. He’s twenty-two. Did he get his dream job? Absolutely. He’s a famous male model. He’s also filthy rich. One problem. He’s turn into a freaking player. He can get any girl he wants without even batting an eyelash. Talk about smooth operator. But then, after he’s done with them, he always throws them out like a month’s old beef. 
    What happens when the Alex comes back and meets Lizz again? Monster chaos.
    Lizz hates him. She absolutely hates him for leaving her. And she absolutely hates the guy he’s become. Plus, Alex doesn’t even recognise her. But wait, there’s another problem. How did Lizz’s boyfriend end up kissing her best friend? And how did Lizz’s guy friend end up being her fake boyfriend? And how is Alex connected with Lizz’s best friend?
    Will Lizz end up getting her happy ending with the guy she once loved? Who knows? 
    All I can say is that this love is just too late.
Haha. I'm the same with tomatoes. I like tomato sauce and tomato soup and even tomato juice but NOT tomatoes. 
Well, If you add 5 years take away 6 and add 2 again, thats how old I am, and fun story!
I'm a 13 year old too :D and i must say you are a lovely writer :}  This is a really cute story and im in love with your characters. not only was this story cute but it had a lot of humor n my opinon and i just really loved it
never read about something like this before, didnt found any mistakes and your story is really descriptive!! :)
i hate ALex but the whole theme is so interesting  AND!! really original!!
Cute story! Hahaha, I'm a 13 year old, and you sound professional xD