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I'm Stuck in Naruto?! (Naruto Fanfic)

I'm Stuck in Naruto?! (Naruto Fanfic)

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Lizzy By Booklovermax Updated Jul 27, 2015

Ayame Akiyama is a very lonely and ignored girl, oh and she's also a narutard!
One day when she comes home, she finds her family dead, and when the robbers "Kill" her, she wishes to go to the naruto world, and guess what?.....her wish is GRANTED?!

(I'm bad at discriptions...but I have really good idea's so please read it!...This is sasuke+O.C (Maybe...can change or cannot), I will probably be mentioning/using powers from other anime, like kido from bleach...something like that.)


AwesomeTomatoSauce AwesomeTomatoSauce Nov 30, 2016
The byakugan AND the sharingan AND the rinnegan, AND The mangekyo sharingan AND she can copy others Kelley genkai???? You can't do that......
NekoNya_kitten NekoNya_kitten Nov 13, 2016
She's almost as tall as me but I'm 1/2 an inch taller than her
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL a day ago
(☆_☆) lets use her for our advantage, making her do the things some of us have wanted to do ever since the begging ing of the series; hit Sakura and Susuke in the head saying CHA! Then steal Kakashi sensei's Icha Icha book and threaten to burn in it unless he shows us his beautiful face XD
11Kiki28KL 11Kiki28KL a day ago
Same! 12 and with a B-cup all the way (but only for now. Not forever, I do not wish my boobs were B forever, I would prefer if they grew more!)
XxInspiredByAnimexX XxInspiredByAnimexX Sep 02, 2016
I swear.... There is no longer OC' s that ARENT Mary-Sui-ish!! Can't people get the idea that NO ONE likes OP characters?! No offense, but it'd just too much. I'm sick of this shiz ._. (I'm not against your fanfic, it's just the fact that it's too cliché)
Beta-Fish Beta-Fish Sep 22, 2016
I think you just described my sister minus the sweet and cool part...