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Dark Soul (SoulScape #1)

Dark Soul (SoulScape #1)

32K Reads 1.9K Votes 6 Part Story
Audrey By AMS1971 Completed


When Dr. Frank Harlan, the head psychiatrist at Black Moon Asylum, took in six-year-old Alec Strom, he knew the child was evil. Yet despite the dark soul residing within Alec, Frank felt bonded to the child –compelled to save him from the darkness consuming him. After 13 years of striving to help Alec, Frank is startled to realize that the care he feels for his patient has stealthily developed into something deeper, stronger, than a mere doctor/patient relationship. But when Alec attacks and murders a visiting psychiatrist, Frank is terrified of what will become of Alec –and even more terrified of his own feelings for the disturbed and dangerous young man.

Now, Frank sits alone in his office at the Asylum on the night of Alec’s execution, awaiting news of Alec’s death - alone with his memories of a troubled child he watched grow into a troubled young man…and somehow fell in love with along the way. When the fated call comes in, he is consumed with sadness and a sense of failure. But the awful night turns to horror when Frank is suddenly faced with the terrifying reality that evil isn’t so easily extinguished...or predictable.

NOTE: Originally posted as "Soulscape", but has been revised with a M/M romance element added.

AkunoTenkuu AkunoTenkuu Mar 27
I'm going against general opinion but I think he should have insisted, if he knew Alec could be this dangerous.
😩😂😂😂go away bitch god he's a kid cussing like that
PoppiesZstyles PoppiesZstyles Jul 12, 2016
Such an interesting character, right from the start. It's always an intriguing read when you have an unreliable narrator, I can tell this is going to be a rollercoaster of great.
NorimaOsaka234 NorimaOsaka234 Nov 03, 2016
I've stabbed someone with a pen, I've also slit someone's throat with my nails. My family makes me cut them once they grow 7 meters.
PrinceDel PrinceDel Oct 19, 2016
Wow...he has such a soft soul. In this situation most would be blaming the boy and pitying the woman but not him...he feels a guilt more towards the boy than the woman herself 😔
WBTA2013 WBTA2013 Apr 03, 2016
This probably sounds cold but I wonder if she had a moment before she died where she thought "Wow, I probably should have listened to him" Now she's dead because she thought she needed to prove a point.