Cinderelsa: Book One of Jelsa Fairytale Series

Cinderelsa: Book One of Jelsa Fairytale Series

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Cinderella: A beautiful story of love and loss. The story we all know and love.

Elsa has lived that same life, except with a twist.

She has powers of ice, but she doesn't like to mention them. Elsa feels as if she is a freak and doesn't have a place anywhere because of this.

Elsa's father was alive but with another wife and daughter. They have no respect for her, they treat her as if she has no purpose in life and that she will die alone.

Elsa is starting to believe them...
This story will be a bit like Into the Woods (aka as the Brother's Grimm version) mixed with the live-action Cinderella.

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OrcaAlpha193 OrcaAlpha193 Feb 21, 2017
Have you guys not seen Olafvids? Anna is good in the video and maybe she is too in this book.
shy_yet_confident shy_yet_confident Feb 06, 2017
I watch the sun rise almost every week day morning and I never get tired of the view. But I hate that I have to get up that early 😩
shy_yet_confident shy_yet_confident Feb 06, 2017
You know the step sisters actually weren't the bad ppl. It's the step mother that reflected badly on them all those years. They don't know any different.
lizzylizzard05 lizzylizzard05 Mar 13, 2016
So ur taking bits from the new Cinderella movie with different characters and a bit of a twist, cool.☺
Disney_Shipper Disney_Shipper Jul 06, 2016
So true God is my life without him I would be nothing.
                              Amen people!!!
smart11589 smart11589 Aug 28, 2016
That reminds me of the new version of Cinderella that came out in the movie theater a year ago