Bridge Over Troubled Water

Bridge Over Troubled Water

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(HTTYD/Hiccstrid Modern AU) Astrid Hofferson is a fifteen-year-old girl struggling with anxiety and depression disorder. When her disorder and bullying at school gets out of hand and she tries to commit suicide, she is sent to the hospital. There, she meets this boy. A boy she swears she's seen in her classes at school. And it seems like he's a good person. Will she let him in or shut him out? And will she learn that there is someone out there who really does care for her?

WARNING: This story contains foul language and heavy topics such as depression, anxiety, and suicide.

I do not own HTTYD or the songs and quotes used in the story.

Mikev13579 Mikev13579 Jul 20
This is too much Astrid shouldn't be bullied for being smart and/or doing sports... I know this is a story but bullying can happen to anyone... what world do I live in
I'm so happy right now, cause I just realized other people have really bad grades like I.
Dude. I have a d in math and As and 1 B in history. THAT ISNT SO BAD!!! My mom is still happy
Toothless_NightFury1 Toothless_NightFury1 Nov 25, 2015
Hey! That's discrimination! I'm not a straight-A student! I have graves like E-C and one A. Moms happy!
nazoir nazoir Sep 26, 2015
For gods sake, everyone gets bad grades every now and then. Astrid's mother and friends are annoying me so much right now.
xoSukebu3xoKoko xoSukebu3xoKoko Aug 15, 2015
Why is the world so cruel to us sometimes..? It's touching... you know? I have a friend who attempted suicide (even though she rejects the fact) multiple times. Her marks were still visible in her arms and neck... but she is fine because of me and all other friends' persuasion