Legends from the Warlock's Chair - Book Three - Helven

Legends from the Warlock's Chair - Book Three - Helven

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Gwyndrid David Morgan By DaveMorgan Updated Mar 02, 2013

The Warlock's Chair.

A place of magic and adventure.                              

Long ago when the world was young the Faerie races ruled far and wide across the lands of the Earth.

With the Empire in chaos following the war with Ravengaard and the return of the Chained. The Elves hoped for a time of peace and tranquillity. A time free from war and conflict. They would use it to rebuild their kingdom. Then once again the Elven Empire could rise up and take its rightful place at the head of the Faerie races.

But others are using the turmoil for their own ends. Using it to sow seeds of mistrust and lies amongst the population. 

Lord Arilach and his Helven rise from the shadows, spreading their pestilence throughout Ellyonia.  

As disorder spreads across the land, Prince Dauld seeks to wrest power from the Elven Council and take back his dead fathers crown.

So begins a race against time to prevent a civil war that will tear apart the Elven lands and destroy them forever.

That time is now...

  • adventure
  • dwarves
  • elves
  • giants
  • gnomes
  • magic