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Save Me Tomoe! (Tomoe X Reader)

Save Me Tomoe! (Tomoe X Reader)

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KawaiiKittyKat1 By KawaiiKittyKat1 Completed

(Y/N) has had a hard life, her mom died when she was 5,  it has been 11 years since her mom died, and during those 11 years (y/n)'s dad threatened her and punched and hit her whenever he felt like it, one day she was walking near a shrine to help her out and there she spotted a handsome man, with fox ears and a tail, he also had- wait, A FOX?!? (y/n) is starting a new life with a yokai, Tomoe, and a generous girl, Nanami Momozono, but (y/n) is a god?! With NANAMI?! Find out what happens to you and Tomoe and the crew? Has Tomoe fallen for you?


QueenOfWolves QueenOfWolves May 28, 2016
Me: Why my shirt!! There is another girl right next to me
                              Nanami: hey
                              Me: sorry
JJgamerel JJgamerel Apr 16, 2016
Hold up who is the animal mark and who is the god one ? Is nanami still the god while y/n IS THE ANIMAL ONE ??!!
ElliotIsCritical ElliotIsCritical Sep 24, 2015
I'm not trying to be rude WHATSOEVER but I died reading this. I love watching words too! XD I'm so sorry if I offended you
KawaiiKittyKat1 KawaiiKittyKat1 Jul 15, 2015
@kameita awe thanks love!! But I don't think your that bad at writing, this is my first time writing a book! I think you have a good taste in writing, you just have to keep trying! Good luck on your story darling!
Kamieta Kamieta Jul 14, 2015
I'm barely writing a story and published today tbh I don't expect much to happen cuz I'm a terrible writer lol
KawaiiKittyKat1 KawaiiKittyKat1 Jul 14, 2015
@kameita thank you love! I had to think about that and I said what about animal God? So yea I decided to go ahead and put that! I'm happy your enjoying it! I post a chapter everyday!!